Raj Tent

raj tent and maharaja tent manufacturers and suppliers by bharat tent manufacturer since 1992. we uses canvas cloth which is completely waterproof and fungus proof also.
raj tent and maharaja tent shows luxurious and tremendous look in wedding and event and in the medieval time these tents were used by king and queen so we also call them maharaja tent and maharani tent.
these raj tents or maharaja tents are durable for minimum 8 to 10 years because of the superior quality of the fabrics.we also make furnitures which are handmade and completely polished for these tents like bed,sofa,dressing,chairs etc. and also bathroom accessories which can be fit as an permanently.
balcony of these raj tent or maharaja tents gives a private space for gossiping and discussion about the beuty of the nature.

Luxury tent exporters in all over world from india|manufacturer of luxur...

www.bharattentmanu.comLuxury tents manufacturer and exporter in all over world like america(usa),canada,dubai,england,brail,switzerland etc. Luxury tents for permanent resorts and outdoor activities like camping and glamping. These luxury resort tents are 100% workable in all four seasons so we call them four season tents like in winter,spring,autumn and in summer as well.Specially for the rainy season because the are abslutely waterproof and antifungal.

our customers feel very good after using these tents in various fields and we have five star hotel and resort clients also they gave us 5 star as an review. luxury tents having their own foldable structure in m.s with powder coated and having three and four layer cloth which is very safe for waterproofing,reduce light effect,heat effect,noise effect etc. We also make fire retardant as we uses fire retardand fabric to make these luxury resort tents for all the layers and important thing is that this tent is repairable and at cheap pric…

Resort tents at good price i india and in various designs | Luxury Resor...

www.bharattentmanu.comResort tent developers and resort develop by bharat tent manufacturers which is one of the oldest tent manufacturers and suppliers in all over india. We develop luxury resorts for 5 star hotels and luxury farm houses in very diffrent styles.

Luxury tents for resorts like executive rooms, sweet rooms,2beed room tent,tent with bathroom and bedroom,tents having bathroom,room and balcony,primary tents and ultra primary tents.
Ultra luxury tents developed by us at very competitive price and unique theme. Ultra luxurious resort tents alongwith handmade and iron furnitures like kingsize bed,double bed,sofa,cofee table,cofee chairs,dressing,wooden almirah,centre table , side tables, heritage lamps and complete bathroom accessories.
Reosrt tents for luxurious hotels and farm houses are avtailable in diffrent designs and in customized sizes and diffrent colour options are also there.Tent for sale at both online and offline so customers can place an order from anywhere and t…

Army tent manufaturers and suppliers | Army tent for sale by Bharat Tent...

www.bharattentmanu.comBharat tent manufacturers is one amongst the top sellers, exporters and manufacturers of military or army tents, as the work around manufacturing is primarily focused on quality of raw material and fabric used. All our Army tents are diligently crafted with waterproof technology. To give them a gallant appeal, Army Tent and Military tents come in camouflage print with colours ranging from pitch olive green and camlin to white. Army Tent and Military tent manufacturing caters requirements of regimens like like 64 assault engineers, assam rifflers, J&K rifflers, CISF, CRPF, railway, etc. Apart from this we also are producing relief tents for railway and Indian army, designed to accommodate decent numbers even in harsh weather conditions. The design complements requirements for officers mess tent, royal parties and events organised by battalions very well.We make these tents in waterproof fabric for diffrent units to show the pride and cult of our army.


large green waterproof army tent

www.bharattentmanu.comLarge waterproof military tent in olive green color supply by india's top manufacturers. Army tent for sale in india which is completely waterproof and uses for officers mess tent and royal parties and events organized by battalion.,armytent,militarytent,officersmess,messparty,canvastent,waterprooftent,shamiana,largetent,foldabletent,tentsuppliers,tentmanufacturers,indiantent,partytent,eventtent army

air conditioned tents

www.bharattentmanu.comluxurious air conditiones swiss cottage resort tents for camping is fully air conditioned tents and we can use coolers and fan also.with vantillation system and windows with curtains also.there is mosquito net at windows and doors with zip system,a.cis 100% working in these tents.

canvas camping tents

www.bharattentmanu.comcanvas camping tent manufacturers and exporters in india.we supply canvas camping tent in delhi,jodhpur,mumbai and almost all the cities.canvas is in 550gsm,650gsm,580gm,500gsm,450gsm with inner layer in 20-20 shitting cotton cloth.we can also make canvas camping tents in pvc waterproof is luxurious canvas tents for camping,glamping and hiking.